Treviso. University student fined ten thousand euros for swimming naked in a city's canal

TREVISO. November 12th 2018.

The newly elected  city mayor, Mario Conte has received a letter today from a  student who was caught on video by a citizen a few month ago, while he was celebrating his doctorate in a very peculiar way. See for yourself the video (contains nudity)

He stripped and plunged into the city's canal. It was late night and he never thought that someone was filming the scene. The short clip was then shown to authorities that decided to give a strong signal by giving the young swimmer  a 10.000 (ten thousand euros) fine.

The student was summoned by the city's mayor a few times but never showed up. Today, as the fine was finally delivered to his home, he decided to write an excuse letter to the city, stating that he was sorry for the stupidity of his actions, but 10.000 euros was too big a fine for such an "innocent" behaviour.
         Treviso mayor Mario Conte (left) with the governor of Veneto Luca Zaia last june 

The mayor reply came in today:
"We asked the student to come forward more than one time, but he never did. Now it's too late. I guarantee that those money will be put at work to teach younger generations how to properly behave. I invite him to consider te ten thousand euros not as a fine, but as a contribute to the education of young people not to commit such stupidities"