TaxiDriver A Venetian in Miami is now available in English (Ebook)


I believe that my book Taxidriver A Venetian in Miami available as an ebook in English from today, has the potential of becoming a movie.
Not because I wrote it. I am just an unknown writer living in a small country town near Venice Italy. This is the second book I publish and I have not the reviews of the big names who write books with great editors like +Mondadori Store . I published my first ebook with +YOUCANPRINT.IT , a self publishing platform in Italy.


This is a true story and is filled with passion. The lives of taxi drivers coming from every Country of the world seeking for a better life, find themselves in a "prison" the parking spot before going to the terminals to pick up their passengers. "Prison" because it takes sometimes three or four hours before getting a ride, sometimes to nowhere. Prison because the lives of those who drive a cab are not usually the easiest. Gamblers, drug dealers that just came out of jail. A sort of a new "Last Frontier", where there is no background checking, all they ask for is your drivers' licence and an hack licence.


The book is also a spiritual research. My spiritual research trying to find  answers to many questions I could not answer in the small country town I grew up in Italy, such as : Is there a right religion? Is there a God? Is there a life after this one? Travelling to America has given me the chance to approach and get to know all the religions that are claiming to be the depository of the truth. In the book you'll find my answers.


I was taught that the reader has to be treated like a king. In order not to annoy the reader I though to insert in the book some of my photojournalist's tales.
Flashbacks to a time when I was dodging bullets, avoiding land mines, meeting kings and popes, homeless people and covering reality 101 as a young photojournalist working 24/7 and trying to make a living out of my two greatest passions: Photography and Writing.


Like most of creative people I am a terrible business man. I could write for twelve hours in a row,  but if you ask me to promote myself I wouldn't be able to sell a glass of water to someone who's coming out of the desert.
Please if you know someone in the movie industry, let them know about the book, have then read it. This is my new dream : Have this book become a movie! I'm almost sixty years old now, but I'll keep on dreaming for what an empty life would it be without dreams?