America (and Americans) need to wake up and take action

The Land of the Free. That is the main reason why millions came to America. To live away from injustice perpetrated in other Countries of the world. America, a Country where everyone can express his/her own viewpoints, religion and sexual orientation without fearing for their lives. Is it America still the same country where my grandfather came to seek a better life? I don't think so.

                                                     WHAT HAS CHANGED?
Can you consider yourself a free person knowing that one day you may receive a phone call from an Emergency room telling that someone of your family has been shot?

Can you consider tyourself a free person if you are not safe anymore to go anywhere in your OWN Country? A Mall, a Park, even an elementary school can be targeted by a maniac armed with an assault weapon. That is the point. Assault weapon. This is not terrorism imported from other countries like in the case of 9/11. I am talking homemade terror spreaded by people who go nuts and start shooting at children like in NEWTOWN.

Do you realize that we accepted such a CRIME against CHILDREN without having changed a single line of the law that permits to any wacko to buy and use a weapon that can shoot 30/40/ 50 bullets a second? If the killer had one of two guns instead he would have never had the time and the "skill" to execute all those children in cold blood. The same goes for the last asshole in Orlando. TAKE AWAY THOSE WEAPONS FROM THE STREETS

                                      AMERICANS MUST TAKE A CORAGEOUS STAND

Everytime a new episode happens president +Barack Obama  comes to the news and tells every American how bad he feels about it. To be close to the families. We are united as ever before in this moment of grief. There is nothing he can do to stop this without you and me multiplied by the millions. A march to Washingot to fight against the craziness of a law that permits any Citizen to own an assault weapon. It is time to take those weapons away from the hands of crazy and unstable people.

                                                       THE POWER OF NRA

The +National Rifle Association  is a powerful lobby that has many representatives in the US Senate and Congress. They will stop any law that would go agaist the interest of their proficuous gun selling market and will tell you the old story of the "Second emendment".

It was written too many years ago and it can be changed. What good does to a State like America, a Federation of States a constitutional law that has become obsolete if it cannot be changed to consider one that is more up to our times?

                                                          WAKE UP AMERICA
Wake up America! Return to the greatness of our forefathers. Ban all assault weapons and return to the life we once knew. Do not wait for the next shooting. Let this Orlando Shooting be the last one for God's sake. Where is the people who protested against Vietnam? Against the racism against black people?  Are we all become a bunch of dummies attached constantly to our cellular phones and not able to take a stand against a plague that is detroying our peace of mind?