Video of Chicago Police shooting a black teen 16 times

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A Chicago police officer now faces first-degree murder charges in the shooting death of Laquan McDonald, 17. He is being held without bail.
Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez described the video after Van Dyke appeared in court:
“At 9:57:36, McDonald has crossed over the white lane divider away from the officers, and Officer Van Dyke has taken at least one step towards McDonald with his weapon drawn,” Alvarez said. “The officer then opened fire on Laquan, whose arm jerks, his body spins around and he falls to the ground. While Laquan is falling to the ground the defendant takes at least one more step towards him, at which point the angle of the dash camera changes and we can no longer see the officer in the frame of the video. Two seconds later, Laquan McDonald is lying on the street on his right side, and the video captures what appears to be two puffs of smoke coming from the ground near his body. These puffs of smoke were later identified as clouds of debris caused by the fired bullets. At 9:57:51, McDonald is still lying on the street and the last visible shot is fired.”
WATCH: 5:15 Mark is when shooting incident starts