America terror lives inside the borders not outside

It is sad to read again that ten people have been killed by a solitary shooter AGAIN.

It is sad to realize that the Country who has fought more intensively terrorists than any other  Countries in the world has to kneel to mourn AMERICANS killed by AMERICANS.

It is sad to expect +Barack Obama  to deliver his speech repeating the same words again and again without being able to do anything about it

It is sad to see AMERICANS still standing up for their rights to have mass destructions weapons available in the name of a stupid amendment that was written two hundred years ago.

It is sad to have to sit and wait, one week, one month? Two weeks or two months waiting to see where ythe next one will happen.

It is sad to know that terror doesn't need to come from outside the USA it is within its borders.

It is sad to think that if we do not stant UNITED and get some people with real BALLS to deal with the problem we'll continue seeing episodes like these.

I hold responsible and point my finger against: The Congress of the USA for doing nothing about arms limitation. The NRA for being an evil organization who is selling death around the USA and the entire world
The president of the USA +Barack Obama  for being a whimp and not being able to put a stop on weapons' sale in the USA