Blab Blab Blab Blab Blab So you want to know more about the new Web's craze?

If you know what #Blab is all about you still may want to read the blog Click here to go to the Blog. If you don't know Anything about it....well..the best way is to go to the Blog anyway.

If you are too lazy to go to the blog here are a few steps you shoud know about if you want to try this new "periscope" that allows you to have a video chat LIVE with three other friends while anyone with a twitter account can watch and post questions on the chat box. The following is a great quick  video tutorial 

I had my very first #blab yesterday with +Mike Downes  who told me about this new platform that is having a great success on the web community (still in Beta now) and is a concentrate between Meerkat Periscope and +Google+  #Hangouts. Our #Blab was about photography (the old fashioned one with darkroom and smell of it). Here is the recording of our TWO AND A HALF HOURS video YESTERDAY..  We really enjoyed it.