Love Wins? Gay Pride? Are you sure?

That is a great mistake. Comparing the two images is to kill those who gave their lives once more. No respect. I respect the decision of the Supreme Court even if I do not agree on the child adopting policy. LOVE WINS they keep writing everywhere. Are you sure that love is winning when you have thousands of fully armed people ready to kill one another? Are you sure that love wins when black churches are being burned down? Are you sure that love wins when black people are killed by over reacting police officers all over the Country? Before you celebrate the right of loving whomever you like (and I agree on this part) shouldn't you (America, today on the 4th of July) meditate of the many issues that are disturbing your society today? When there will be a peaceful living, only then you may say "Love Wins". Showing the pride of being gay has nothing to do with the sacrifice of many soldiers who died in the wars trying to guarantee the freedom we enjoy today. This photo is an insult to every American, gay or straight