Greece votes NO to the dictatorship of an Elitarian Europe

I welcome the NO Vote in Greece. As they taught us 2000 years ago, the Greek people are showing us today a way out of the German/French/English elitarian dictatorship in Europe. The NO of Greek people means that other Countries in this Europe runned by  bank's interests and a few Countries like Germany, France, England who would like to impose harded rules on "poorer" Countries in the same Europe.
We have learned long ago that there isn't a European Community, but there is a Community of a Few that is trying to rule the rest of the Countries by imposing rules that are good only if you can afford them. Spain, Portugal, Italy (ruled by a Prime Minister who licks Merkel's ass all the time) may follow on the road to exit a United Europe who isn't united al all.
While Italy for example has found itself dealing with the immigrants problem, France, Germany, and England have washed their hands. All they could do was to fuel more millions to solve a problem that cannot be solved by money alone but needs a strong united policy which is not in sight with this kind of ELITE who is running Europe at the moment. HAT TIP to the GREEK PEOPLE who had the courage and determination to say NO to the EUROPEAN SCUMBAGS