Earthquake Terremoto del 7.7 Richter in Nepal la distruzione nelle prime foto da Kathmandu first dramatic photos

We all know that such a magnitude earthquake (8.1) in #Nepal is going to be a tragedy of great proportions as hours go by. The body count reaches 700. In a few days it will be in the 5000 and ten days from now it will reach easily the 15/ 20 thousand. Kathmandu is a city of one million people. Things are going to get worst as the nighttime approaches. No electricity, no food, no water,no way to get the wounded out of the debris. If you have ever been into a earthquake you know what I am talking about. There will be aftershocks and Nepal is going to ask for International help that will arrive as usual in the next 48 hours as the world watches. It will slow down as the days will go by and the people of Nepal will be left alone dealing with their own wounds. It is sad to write this, but it is the plain truth. May the God of Light help the people who are in need of help at this very moment, those who are looking for their loved ones can get some help trough +Google that has established a site (they always do when disasters strike) where you can look up for someone you may have lost, hoping to connect ASAP Click here to search for someone missing or to report someone found