Prosecco Country welcomes web ambassador Mia Voss

+Mia Voss +The Mia Connect  Arrived in +Prosecco Country 2015 . Everyone loves her here. Not just because she sports her 50 years as if she was 35 but when she meet people her vitality, her positive energy,her being always on the go has conquered everyone in this area of the Veneto Region. For her 50th birthday she made a point to visit Italy and when she agreed to stay here in +Cuore Veneto Codognè Treviso  and visit the Prosecco's hills I was really excited. Now that I have met her I know how blessed I am to have had the chance to meet her. I "labelled" her as a "Volcano" the "Nutella of the Web" (she's everywhere on the Internet). In two days she was given so many gifts by the people she met, that she might need a cargo flight to take all of them back to Denver when she returns to Colorado in about two weeks from now after having visited the most beautiful cities in the "Booth" like Venice Florence and Rome. She really loves what she is doing : meeting people and telling their stories, and it shows. Thank you +Mia Voss  for being here with us. Today we will be visiting the wonderful city of Venice and the island of Burano.