If children die in our world we have failed as HUMANS

(by pio dal cin) If children die in Gaza, in Syria, In Afghanistan, in a USA school, or during a flight going on vacation, we must unplug our brains from our daily lives and start meditating about the meaning of it.
We have failed as HUMANS. 

Don't you think that the joy of being a parent is equal to a mother in Gaza as much as it is to a father in Jerusalem? We, as human beings love our children the same way. If children keep disappearing under our "grown up" mistakes: We have failed as HUMANS.

If you kill my child, should I kill yours to make it even? Have children become the token that crazy hungry men use to play the game of war? 

Just stop the craziness. Think for a moment: A school in the USA was raided by a gunman killing scores of innocent people. Guns are still available; nothing has been done to prevent further incidents like that one. We have failed as HUMANS

A jetliner full of happy people, eighty children going on vacation from a modern Country like Holland, is downed by the rebels. All of those 298 lives cancelled in a heartbeat. We have failed as HUMANS

Three Teenagers were killed in Israel for no reasons but hatred, followed by a Palestinian burned alive for revenge. The spark of the ongoing war in a Land that we are used to call HOLY.

How many children will have to die before we stop killing each other? Aren't we all going to die one day? Why do we keep making the lives of our fellow human beings miserable? 
We have failed as HUMANS.

Let us not forget that we are all CONNECTED and living in the same SPACESHIP. What happens far from us is not so FAR anymore. The world has gotten smaller. So our hearts.