Buddha's teaching on life and wisdom

 These are the Buddha’s teachings:
-          Consider disease and suffering as medicines to the body
-          Use mishaps as a means of self-liberation
-          Treat obstacles as enjoyable challenges
-          Greet haunting spirits as good companions
-          Consider difficulties as life enjoyments
-          Thank bad friends as helping you in self-adjustment
-          View unpleasant dissidents as friendly entertainment
-          See favors as merely unimportant sandals plentiful to dispose
-          Take disinterest from temptation as an honourable achievement.
-          Employ injustice as entry doors to spiritual perfection.
To accept obstacles will bring wisdom, but to pray for wisdom will inevitably bring obstacles.  It was within all obstacles approaching that The Thus Comes One enlightened to the Ultimate Bodhi. He gladly instilled perfection to the Path of Enlightenment to all the people who wished to do harm to him, even the great ill seeker that was named Devadatta.  
Thus, does not the difficulty faced in life bring beneficial results, and could not the destruction and damage of others bring support to one’s achievements?
Today Buddhist practitioner, because they firstly fear to throw themselves into all types of obstacle, so when true obstacles come their way, they are too helpless to fend for themselves. The Absolute Dharma of nobility and superior ambition thus diminishes because of this pity, how regretful, how resentful!?