European dis Union why I will not vote for you on the 25th of May

(by pio dal cin) Not going to vote for THIS Europe.

 Our president, in Italy has asked us to take a stand, cast a vote, do not let others decide for us. If this is the European Union, I call myself out. I am a proud Italian and my roots go deep into the Veneto Region. I love the diversity of our Regions, from Sicily to Piedmont, from Valle d'Aosta or Friuli all the way down to Puglia, Sardinia,Tuscany, Campania, Abruzzo, Emilia Romagna, Liguria Lombardia, and all the other Regions of Italy. Our diversity has always been our strenght. Let us keep it like that. Every Region has its food, its wines, its bread, its own festivals, its own artcrafts, its own everything. Being in Europe is not helping us at all. Europe has left us dealing with the refugees emergency and they lock our resources so that even if we have the money to improve the lives of our cities we cannot. I WILL NOT VOTE for this Europe, because I do not believe in THIS Europe who has become a servant of German banks and economy. Stop the bullshit.

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