Google Glass disturbing use (video).The debate goes on

(by pio dal cin) A disturbing video has been posted on +YouTube  It shows a normal houswife's day. Normal until she gets home. See what happens (if domestic violence against women disturbs you, stop when she turns off the music upon getting home) when she gets home.

The debate onGoogle Glass has been on for awhile now. Like any other gadget or device on the Web, the Glass has many uses. It can be used as a tool for Surgery like this.

In This other case, the Glass is used by doctors to sort through a patient's flile

All the uses are open, for good and bad. (See it Here used as an App to play a game)

A knife in the kitchen can be used to slice bread, onions, a steak. But a distorted use of a knife can kill someone.

The debate is on : Is the Glass a good or a bad tool? People are going to use in very different ways, according to how they feel about life, internet and computers. There is not a written  ethical use of the Glass. It is up to the individual to make a good or a bad use of it. 

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