Video Inspiring .Can you watch without being moved or cry?

(by pio dal cin) I was really amazed by the creativity and the inspirational message that comes through this +YouTube  video. In a few minutes a story is told. A great message sent out to the world. A great message of Peace.

Coincidence is a "small" miracle performed by the Creator and this video has the power of a punch in the stomach. 

Who would have acted like the lady?
Who would have acted like the old man?
Who would have acted like the child?

Many times we are caught in the fast lane of life and there is not time for thinking. At that point we should let our hearts take control.

Money and profit cannot be the only "star" leading our way to a path of happiness .

Compassion can cost more. It's free and it may not be rewarding as a check or a bank account, but it sure will make us feel a lot better when it's done without the bragging that usually comes with it when it is not really from the heart.

Easy said.Harder to put in practice as we are revolving our lives into our selfish own, forgetting that there are those out there that are not as lucky as we are.

We forget to count our daily blessings and hope for life to give us more of what we do not have instead of focusing on our health, the people we love, the great gift that the Creator has given us.

We can read, we can write, walk,speak,run, think, feel drink, eat, breathe, hug, kiss, smile cry, and as we perform these wonderful acts of life we forget that none of the above is granted forever.

Ask a blind man what he would give to see a sunrise again

Stop and think. Shut the computer for a few minutes. Cry or smile,gio look at the sun, or at the stars. Take a walk. Drink a glass of water, take a deep breath.

As you are doing any or all of the above, give thanks to life, to the Creator and next time you'll see a needy person, be like the old man, let your heart take control.