Jerusalem Twenty two years ago.Two young kissed at the bus station

(by pio dal cin) In 1991 I was sent by an Italian weekly magazine based in Vittorio Veneto,  to cover the Holy Land. I spent eight days going from North to South, East to West, trying to capture the very essence of what I consider to be one of the best Countries in the world. History, Religion, and the world's origins blend into this Land where each rock, each street, each Region seem to talk about the past.
A past we all share as human beings, either by Religion or by History. It doesn't matter what your creed or religion is. Even if you are not a believer, you will be fascinated by this Land.
It is small, but there is a desert, a "sea" that is uniquely located at about 400 meters below sea level where the salt's  concentration allows bathers to float on its waters. Galilee is green and fresh, Giudea is dry though the river Jordan goes trough it. Jerico is one of the most ancient cities in the world, and still stands thousand of years later.
Jerusalem. I cannot write the name of this Holy City without feeling a sense of great respect for what has happened here in the past five thousand years.
As the magazine who sent me over was a religious one, they asked me to focus my attention on those areas where the presence of Jesus was mostly visible.

On my spare time I tried to capture the very "soul" of Jerusalem and the Holy Land.

The picture below was taken by me on afternoon of the year 1991. I walked from my hotel's room to the Jerusalem's bus station. I love the people who were going to and fro. I started to shoot at everything that attracted my attention and when I found myself in front of a young couple who were so happy to see each other after what seemed to be a reunion after a long time, I released my shutter. One shot. I was really lucky to capture the moment. I called this photo "The Kiss". There is a strong contrast if you will between the act of love and the machine gun dangling at the side of the young soldier. I like that.

Post by Victor Bezrukov.(click on Name to see post on Facebook)

When I published the photo on my Google plus profile a great photographer +Victor Bezrukov  who lives in Israel though that it may be a good idea to search for the two young people that I captured on that day.

I never thought it would be possible, but we decided to give it a try. Victor published the post on Facebook and asked his friends to share it. I did the same. Now we need a small miracle of sharing trough the Web, so that if they see the picture they might recognize themselves into the shot.

Let us wait and see.If they should come forward it would be really great. Thanks to Victor's idea.

If you feel you can help us find them, please share the post. Thanks

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