Cortina d'Ampezzo "Frozen" by five feet of snow

(by pio dal cin) Let it snow let it snow let it snow. And the most wanted stuff in the Winter Season, what the Hotels and Restaurants owners were waiting for came from the sky. Great right? Wrong.

The white stuff that usually spells business for locals translated yesterday into a real nightmare as the over  fifty years old power lines could not hold the weight of a massive snowfall (1.5 meter) that poured into the dolomites the night after Christmas. Hotels and Restaurants, homes without power, gas stations without gas, no cellphones, no heating, no internet. See video of the snowfall here

The whole area pushed back one hundred years ago as VIPs and regular tourists flocked into the area on the day that usually marks the beginning of the skiing season

The main problem was caused by the immediate lack of electricity. Only locals were somehow spared as they used old firewood stoves to heat up homes and to cook. The traffic came to a stop when many drivers were stranded without winter tires.

All the news and the national  media  reported the snowfall as one of the heaviest to hit the area in the last few years See the report from RAI (Italian official TV station) here

Cortina was not the only area hit by the "Christmas Storm" as Reported Here by +La Stampa  The Trentino Region and Valle D'aosta were hit by the storm that dropped as much as six feet of snow  (two meters) in the  Gressoney Valley in Valle D'Aosta at the Italian French border.

Cortina d'Ampezzo to Italy is what Aspen Colorado is to the USA. In 1956 the Winter Olympic Games were held here.

The Winter Season starts usually on December the 26th and lasts trough February with over 150 kilometers of ski carousels 

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The President of the Veneto Region Luca Zaia tells in an interview that 60.000 people cannot be let without power for 48 hours.

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