Video Native American Ten Commandments

(by pio dal cin) If we could live by these, it would be a better world. No need for Religion that often puts human being one against the other as if sponsoring your religion against mine or vice versa would make you or me a better person.
I grew up in a very religious family. I accepted it and I promised to myself that I never would embrace another one, not because I think that "my religion" is the truth's beholder, but "just" because it was what my Ancestors believed in. Embracing a new religion to me would be an act of betrayal to them.

I have had the great priviledge of travelling the world. I got the chance to know other people from other religions. Buddhist, Hebrew, Muslims. Every one have some beliefs that are great; rules that I did not find in the Catholic religion I grew up with. I developed the feeling and the thought that each has some truth, but none have the whole truth.

Encountering the Native American Culture, Spirituality, and way of living was a real eye opener for me. I realized how close it was to all other religions,yet there was no religion there. No church, the Universe is a church. No need for money or richness (like I found in the Catholic religion for example) "if it is sacred, it must be free" says a Native Proverb.

Many other "rules" I found to be soothing for the Soul and the Heart. There it was. I felt happy. The search was over for me. Before I turned fifty I had found what reunited all the things I believed in without betraying my  Ancestors' religion or any other.

A religion that needed NO RELIGION but just SPIRITUALITY

What is then Spirituality as opposed to Religion?
Native American Chief once explained it like this : "Religion is for those who are afraid of Hell. Spirituality is for those who HAVE  been there"

After I learned more about Native Americans my soul finally felt at Peace and now I live my daily life, thankful to the Creator for  giving  me the chance to understand that no religion is the true religion and all can live together in harmony with respect without killing or fighting trying to impose on others our thought just because we think we are the holders of the truth. 

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