Top views on You are the Star For Five Minutes (interview program)

(by pio dal cin)  I started this interview program almost two years ago.I was interviewing on G+ when interviewing wasn't cool. (now everyone is interviewing everyone else)

 I interview Gplussers (people with a +Google+  account) on a program I called +You Are The Star (for FIVE minutes)  Here below are the three most watched video since I started the program.

 +Samantha Cristoforetti  will be going to the ISS orbiting station in November 1984. She talks about her experience as an astronaut and gets the first place with 867 views

THE ROBOTS' EXPERT GIRL (I think she is a cyborg herself she is so perfect both in mind and body)
 +Annika O'Brien  is a very vulcanic character. If you get her on a hangout she will entertain you, not only because she is a robots' expert, but also because she is brillant, cute and funny. Second place with 823 views


+Mike Elgan 
is ...everything . On the web he is a guru. He writes about anything and use+Google+  as his blogging platform.The five minutes turned to be two hours, but nobody complained. He was a real inspiration for the whole panel and for those who tuned in that night. He ends up third on this list with 800 views so far.
The only thing I did not enjoy about this interview was someone in the panel trying to get too much attention by silencing me and overdoing what he/she was supposed to do: moderate the comments. The actions done by this person (find out for yourselves if you wish to know) prompted me to first block her on my profile and eventually unblock her and remove her from my G+ circles.