Russian girl auctions her virginty for 20.000Euros

(by pio dal cin) Codognè MOSCOW - A smiling face, long hair and blue eyes blacks. With this photo

 a 18 year old Siberian is sponsored on an auction site online,, to put on sale its virginity. Her you only know the nickname, Shatuniha, and as told by the Siberian Time has succeeded in his aim: the auction lasted only one day, and was won by the buyer Evgeniy Volnov, which paid € 20,610 for a night with the girl.

In announcing the 18 year-old explained: "I have an urgent need of money, so I'm selling the most valuable thing I own.'m Ready to do it early, even as early as tomorrow. I have a document confirming my virginity. There is a person will take the money - in cash - so that I will not be deceived. "Then stated that the meeting would take place in the city of Krasnoyarsk. The story will not investigate the police Siberian, since it was not broken any laws.

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