New York City a sensation I always loved and always will

(by pio dal cin) Nothing in the world will ever be able to delete from my memory the picture that sticks into my mind as I was approaching New York City for the first time in my life. I was 23 years old. The day of my birthday, October 15th 1979.

The cab was approaching Manhattan, coming from JFK where I just landed a few hours before. The sun was setting fast, as if it were in a hurry to go to the warmer side of the USA out West. It was a big round Orange-Reddish disk that seemed to be playing hide and seek with the tallest buildings.

This is the most beautiful picture that stayed with me for all these years and always will. After the cab ride, I spent a few days trying to see and understand the very Spirit of such a City. I did. I understood it in full; but, as much as I love sharing my feelings and content on the Web, I will keep that as a secret because it was for me like love at the first sight.
If I told you what sensations, what deep feelings New York has stirred inside my very soul during those three days it would be as if I made love to a wonderful, beautiful lady and went around telling everyone..No no no.
The sensations stay with me. I know millions who I am sure feel like I do. New York is a SENSATION that one experiments and can't really describe. longing to come back to you New York City, your secret of beauty , the wonderful things you taught me have carved a special place into my heart, and I'll love you forever.