Video. Black Bird takes a bath on my kitchen's table

(by pio dal cin)This is a true story that happened to me in 2009 and taught me a lesson. Animals do that. They were placed on this Earth by the Creator, to teach us. That is what I believe,that is why I love animals so much.

I picked him up on the street.He was no older than a week. Took him home, fed him with a toothpick. We became friends. He would go out of the house, first for a half an hour, then for two hours, five...and always came back to land on top of my bold head.

We named him "White Tail" but before that his name was "Victory" because he fought and won to stay alive. A strong bird.

After a few months he would return once a day, as f to say" Hello, I'm grateful you saved my life, but I have got to move on..I have a family now, you know...I must go...I love you my friend" 

Six month later he never returned anymore. When my daughter (she was seven at the time) asked me: "Dad, why isn't White Tail coming back?" I answered that he had probably found a girlfriend and made a nice nest somewhere out there.She understood and smiled.

I went to the bathroom. I spotted a tear and wiped it away
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