Rel ="author" Many wrote about it.Google must find a solution.

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English: A tag cloud (a typical Web 2.0 phenomenon in itself) presenting Web 2.0 themes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
(by pio dal cin) When I searched for "Rel= "author" on Google's Search Engines, I came up with Thousands of results, including How to, write ups and videos.

First let me tell you that I consider myself a true IGNORANT when it comes to HMTL coding, computing and technology at large. I know a few other who like me do not understan much about the "language of computers" and it is not easy to catch up with all the new ways of using the Web 2.0

The use I have been making of it in the past few years was, and is, mainly social.I have a  Verified Google plus Profile and about 73K people around the world who have kindly chosen to follow me (Thanks you all).

Still, If I were to explain to my grandmother the use of "authorship" in order to get ranked on the search engines I will be in trouble.

I tried many videos, many sites and many write ups on the subject. Still, one or the other is missing something that would make it easy for "granny" to understand how the whole process is made.

This particular article by +Ben Holbrook gave me a better understanding of the whole issue, still is "too technical".

Me and my grandmother need to be treated like sixth graders approaching the puter for the very first time.I wish +Google who listens would find a better way for an author to link to his/her +Blogger  Blog without having to go trough all the mess that the process actually requires.

Mission Impossible? C'mon, we are in 2013 and things that work are the simplest ones.

Now that the article is over I will do all the somersaults necessary to link to me as an author and see if I have succeeded
into the task of making "grandmom" a happy camper

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