Priebke dies at 100.Funeral in Rome?

(by pio dal cin) Codognè  I wonder why so many war criminals live to be so old. As the news broke yesterday that The Nazi Commander who killed 335 civilians has died. He was One Hundred years old. I meditated a lot about this. He is not the only one. If you search for the other Nazis that managed to escape the Justice, it turns out that more than a few lived longer than the average person. Why is that? Isn't there a Justice that comes from above to destroy people like Priebke who ordered the massacre On March 24th 1944.?       Steven Spielberg's Video Archives  has a wide range of Videos connected to Nazi's crimes

Death penalty? I think that living everyday with the enormous weight of having destroyed 334 lives is far farv worse than being executed . Looking at yourself in the mirror and think "What did I do?" It doesn't matter how cold a person can be, it is still  a "life sentence"

As for his funeral Argentina has already denied His burial in the cemetery where his wife is and the Major of Rome has express himself as "contrary".

Now. He lived to be 100. He has killed many people in Rome. His funeral should not be held anywhere, for he has done already too much damage.

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