Klout launched cinch? I didn't know

(by pio dal cin)  +Klout  (no need to explain who they are) have recently launched cinch. Here is their introduction to the service from their own  Klout official blog
"Our ongoing mission at Klout is to help everyone realize their influence. We believe that by sharing your passions and expertise with the world, each one of us can not only make an impact but also help others. To move this mission forward, earlier this year we launched Klout Experts, which enabled influencers to directly respond to questions about their areas of expertise and share their answers with millions of other people through our partnership with Bing.
Even as a limited preview release, the response to Klout Experts blew us away, in both the quality of the answers people provided and the high rate of participation by Klout influencers. We knew we had tapped into the next extension of influence: people directly helping other people by sharing their wisdom and knowledge and influencing them to make better decisions.
Today we’re excited to announce Cinch, a new mobile app for iOS that builds on everything we’ve learned about influence and expertise to deliver a great new way to get personalized advice. Cinch uses Klout’s technology platform and data assets to understand the questions you ask and then match them to the most relevant potential advisors.
Cinch helps everyone get timely advice about a range of lifestyle-related questions, such as home improvement, parenting, and more, from knowledgeable advisors. Cinch advisors have a new way to share their expertise and grow their influence, just by offering their advice.

We hope you’ll enjoy using Cinch, which we think is a great complement to Klout. Get it today at the App Store and let us know what you think.
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