Google+ One in a Million Circle

(by pio dal cin) Codognè  I have created This Circle of great people little by little, adding people that in my opinion deserve to be in it. May be you won't find your friend who has one or two million followers, but I included people here that would make your experience on  Google+ a better one.

I cannot mention them all, we are to 169 as I write today and that is also the pourpose behind the circle. If you click on the Hastag #oneinamillioncircle on +Google+  you will find them all there. I will add some more in the future. Some I added previously I took out. Why? because they have demonstrated to me with their behaviour of not being worth of such an honor as being part of this circle. I had people in here who are great friends on chat and Hangouts but never shared a single post or photo of mine. Since I believe firmly that +Sharing is Caring on G+  I had to take them out of the circle.

There are also some people missing in this circle according to your standards. I do not include people who do their G+ experience without passion, but only driven by the desire of making it a business. Don't get me wrong,if I could I'd like to monetize my experience here too (so far I haven't made a penny): what I am stressing, is the fact that people without that extra passion for what they do are not going to be found in here. As I said, it doesn't matter how great YOU may think of them as opposed to what I think of them as possible interactions for their passion and the way they have always been loyal to me as good friends .

It doesn't matter if they have 100 followers or a million. I do not base my data on the numbers. More in their hearts.
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