Google+ just joined? Take a look at this circle. This is not Facebook

(by pio dal cin) I have been on G+ now for over two years. it is not easy to pick the right people you want to include in your circles in order to make this a wonderful journey.
That is why I came up with this "One in a Million Circle" I hand picked  each of the members for various reasons: Do they share my content? Do they pluss me? Do they mention me'? Do they write great content?
All of these questions answered with a "Yes" would make them a member of this very special circle. Tonight I reviewed the circle, I added and took a few names down.

Google+ is a "game" that changes skin now and then, trying to improve sometimes lead to a worst decision. like Hangouts for example. They were easy to start end, and have a realtime chat with a friend, or many friends, now with the new layout Hangouts are harder to use and understand.  If you are approaching G+ for the first time do not fret. Trust this happy bunch and your soul will thank you for having done so. These are special plussers. Just check them out and you will be in for surprises that will make your trip here a great experience