Google Helpouts ready to take wings tomorrow?

English: The Google HTTPS logo Italiano: Il lo...
English: The Google HTTPS logo Italiano: Il logo di Google HTTPS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
(by pio dal cin)  Have you heard about Helpouts? Not Yet? Well, watch this video and be ready for the +Google+  announcement via Hangout on Air tomorrow  morning by +Google+  as you can see in the post below. Of course this is not official, but there are rumors outh there that give the announcement for "sure". What else is +Google+  going to talk about other than Helpouts? Are they going to bring the old fashioned Hangouts back? Hmmm not think so. So be prepared because in Helpouts you could be making a bit hit outof your skills

Read this Post  by +Christine DeGraff  and be ready for tomorrow

Here is the video

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