G+ Who shares you the most? Circle Count shows you.

(by pio dal cin)  Codognè

Two years ago when I joined G+  I didn't know who or what Circle Count was. Today (well, tomorrow) +CircleCount  marks its second birthday  with a few months and days added as it was on July 5th  that they were born. WE COULD SAY: HAPPY 1 2 3 4 

and I could not even think of a +Google+  without those great statistics they provide daily to millions of users. How they do that? Don't ask me, they are just great, so when they asked me two years ago to translate their page in Italian I did it with great pleasure and I am a very  Proud Partner of the Translation Team.

How to get it going for you if you are just new on G+?  First of all Download the extension by clicking here. and you are in business. All the statistics will be added  for you to enjoy

On the occasion of +CircleCount  First Birthday last year I had the pleasure and the priviledge of interviewing +Nils Tschampel  one of the "faces" behind this great operation. (I'm still waiting for +Rick Lutz ) Here is the video on +You Are The Star (for FIVE minutes) 

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