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(by pio dal cin) +PBS  has created this interesting page about the Syrian conflict, designed to make us understand what is really happening over there.
I think that it was a great mistake to wait all this time to intervene into this bloodshed that has killed over 100 thousand people in thirty months of conflict.

It is known that "history repeats itself" and here we are, assisting from our obese couches, with our obese minds to the slaughtering of thousands of civilians. The United Nations (United?) harnessed by the Chinese and Russian power of veto. Both Countries have interesting business contracts in Syria.

Should have we waited for Assadssin to gas his own people? With Hitler it was the same. Every Country knew, even the Vatican, about the concentration camps, but we looked the other way, pretending we did not know.

Fear of a global war? The war is  already at our door, with the clashing of two cultures, the Eastern and the Western. We try to get along fine but we have different ways of seeing life that eventually, if not this time, will come to a global confrontation, until one of the two destroys the other, or both destroy both. Let it be. As +Barack Obama  said from the +The White House  the other day, we cannot let a tyrant kill his own people without reacting.

Of course the area is a delicate part of our planet. Many conflicts are going on at the moment, and the eventual USA strike would trigger even more violence, leading to something that even for the best prepared is hard to predict.

The historical moment is wrong as well. The war in Iraq, in Afghanistan have had its toll on everyone around the world,much more for the USA that have committed to exit by 2014.

What should we do? Stand by and wait until the next 100 thousand are killed or should we try to get this dictator out of this planet, where he does not belong?

As everyone in this Earth who cares about peace, I will join Pope Francesco in the vigil prayer next Saturday for World's Peace. I try to love, not to hate, but there are certain people who need to be stopped because killing so many innocent people should not be an option to anyone who calls himself a "human being".

Russia and China's hand are equally dripping the same blood as Assad, because they have and they will protect him in the name of their dirty interest, it doesn't matter how many people will have to die.
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