Vienna.Photo tribute to a wonderful City and a great Friend

(pio dal cin) What is new to be said about Vienna that has not been said,sung or written? My humble contribute comes from the depth of my soul, right there where I keep my photography bug.
Being a street photographer I could not resist going downtown in the busy January's hours and mingle with the natives, taking their photos and eventually publish them on +Google+  as a tribute to my friend +Robert Redl  whom I met on one of my first #Hangouts back in July 2011. Whom I did not know from Adam and whom I consider as my close friend after I took the 500 km from my town in Veneto, Italy to Vienna, to celebrate with my family the 10th anniversary of my wedding.

+Robert Redl  is a wonderful, generous person. He gifted my daughter with a Sony camera. She loves to take pictures and everytime she does, Robert comes to mind. So here is my small tribute to a big friend who lives in a City made from music. musicians, history, art. The very heart of Mittel Europe. The bellybutton of culture throughout the last few Centuries.

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