Venice. Protesters plunge in the water to stop cruise ships from entering the city

Giudecca salute
Giudecca salute (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: The "Costa Concordia" in Pi...
English: The "Costa Concordia" in Piraeus harbor, Greece Ελληνικά: Το σύγχρονο υπερωκέάνειο, επιβατηγό πλοίο, "Costa Concordia" στον λιμένα Πειραιώς (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
(by pio dal cin)Cruise Ships are allowed to pass trough Venice's main "Canale della Giudecca" so that the passengers can get a close look at one of the most beautiful Squares in the world "Saint Mark's Square". 
Protesters fear that accidents may happen like they did in the Isola del Giglio with the Costa Concordia, or worst, if a serious accident should happen, all of the Adriatic Coast from Venice to Dalmatia could be affected by an oil spill.

They plunged into the cold Lagoon waters by the dozen today, trying to send a clear message to authorities:"No cruise ship should be allowed here". Some had to be rescued by police as they risked drowing.

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