Nairobi massacre.Nothing to Kill or die for.And no religion too

Love (John Lennon song)
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John Lennon
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(by pio dal cin) What is happening to the World? Why do we need to kill one another? Why is there so much hatred? After all we are all part of the human race. This has to stop. We want to be free to go in public with our families, in the respect for everyone's different points of view,their beliefs, the color of their skin,no matter where they are from, we are all into the same Spaceship called Earth, floating in the Universe yet to be discovered. What happened these days in Kenya could have happened anywhere in the Planet. 

Native Americans say "We are all related" and that is true. If Religion has to be a way to disasters like these, let us drop it. God is Peace and Love. This is evil. We must come together as a family and stop the fighting, the hatred, the killing, the suffering.

Every person who died yesterday and today in that Mall in Kenya, was a mother, a father, a sister, a brother a son, a daughter to someone else. Why do people like to inflict pain and suffering into other people? 

I will end my rant here, as my heart is swallen, even if I did not know anyone that was killed I would like to dedicate to all the people of the world and to those who suffered a loss in particular, this wonderful John Lennon Song: IMAGINE. Let us imagine a better world. Let us join the dreamers.
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