Meet People like Mia Voss through Hangouts on Air on G+

(by pio dal cin) Here is the video Mia and I did tonight

  I  have met +Mia Voss  through +Jack C Crawford  a gentleman I met thanks to +Google+ . Jack came to Italy with his lovely wife +Emma Crawford  and meeting him in person was just wonderful.
The virtual becomes real and it is a great experience.

Tonight I started the "new season" of interviews on my humble program +You Are The Star (for FIVE minutes) It is a "chit chat" room where I like to talk with people from +Google+  either famous with gazzillion followers like +Mike Elgan  or +Sarah Hill , +Ryan Van Sickle +Daria Musk +Jaana Nyström +martin shervington +matthew rappaport +Dan McDermott +Tina Vale +lori mcnee +Robert Redl wonderful photographers like +Leanne Staples +Star Rush +Jeff Sullivan +Wes Lum +Sandy Schepis 
people with passionate hearts like +Jeris JC Miller +Jennifer Tackman +Cliff Roth +Ardith Goodwin  +Nils Tschampel  from +CircleCount +Amy Gabriel +Tina Vale +Robert Anderson +Bobbie Today +Peter G McDermott +Gary S. Hart 

+Tzafrir Rehan +Joseph Puglisi +Rehan Ahmad All of this wonderful people are worth following on +Google+  and again

+Claudia Pelagatti +Cali Lewis +Johnny Graterol Guevara +Rodney Pike +Grace O'Malley +Annika O'Brien +Peg Fitzpatrick +Keith Barrett +Eileen A. McAllister +James Barraford 
+M Monica +Gareth Evans +Samantha Cristoforetti who is going to the ISS next november, she is an Italian Astronaut.

None of these could have been possible had I not met with +Sarah Hill  the real "Queen of Hangouts" and pioneer of this new media

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