Google Glass. Lot of work for eye doctors in the future.

(by pio dal cin) I just watched this video about Google Glass. It has been all over Google; Glass here,Glass there, Glass everywhere. Great tool indeed. Wearable technology. The computer of the future (yes because now with its 1500$ tab is just for a few elected explorers who are really excited about their role and act like promoters of the glass ).

Just look at this video or any other videos involving someone who is trying to explain you and me how the  Glass works. Look at his/ her eyes and the awkward position they assume when trying out the Glass. I wrote it many times in this blog and I'm writing it again tonight. The Google Glass will be a great marketing success but it will lead to:
A) Eyesight problems
B) Problems while driving (distractions related to its use on the road)
C) Problems with people being distracted while walking on busy downtown streets wearing the Glass and not paying much attention to where they are going
D) Privacy issues of all kind ( already happened with clubs and strip joints).

Prepare then for a great tool of success. This will be the future, as if we are not already stupid enough walking around with our eyes pinned on the new Iphone or Android. We need the Glass. It will help the global economy pick up, because it will keepcars' body shops and eye doctors very busy.
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