Deer Hunters. Do it the Italian way:kill them all

Flavio Tosi major of Verona.
Flavio Tosi major of Verona. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
(by pio dal cin)
  There is a beautiful forest just an hour North of Venice, it is called Pian del Cansiglio. Here is where the Republic of Venice,
la "Serenissima" gathered the woods it needed to construct the vessels that made Venice what it was, one of the richest Republic on the Adriatic Sea.

That was over 200 years ago. Today, the Cansiglio forest is a great place for family pic-nic, cross country skiing, hiking and great restaurants, production of fabulous cheese and meat.

There is a vast group of deers populating the plain, too big. There are about 2000 deers in eccess and they are becoming a problem to the local farmers as they come down to the plain, at night to feed themselves, destroying the pastures and eating the cattle's hay.

Tomorrow, as I write this article, the Regional Council of Veneto has to come up with an answer to those who call for killing the deers in eccess. The Region's President Luca Zaia has prompted a commission to find an alternative to the killing, but a lobby headed by Verona's mayor Flavio Tosi seems to be more inclined to the killing. 
Tosi and Zaia are both members of the right wing Party named "Lega Nord", and it is not the first time that this Party has assumed radical positions against animals. 

Last year some of the Lega Nord's members were caught by local police while having a party eating "Bear Meat" which is prohibited in Italy unless the meat itself has a certification of origin.

Let us hope that another solution will be found (at this point I have strong doubts) and the deer could be replaced peacefully into other forest, maybe with a little help of Social Networks and the Web.

Let's save the Cansiglio's deers before they are slaughtered

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