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English: Google+ wordmark
English: Google+ wordmark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
(by pio dal cin) I ran into this great post by +Kristi Hines  on +Google+ . The post was shared by the great +Demian Farnworth whose presence on G+ is becoming very very interesting. I said to myself: This is a post that I must really share with my "audience" both on +Google+  and also on my +Blogger  blog.

The tool recently provided by +Google  the "Embedding" of someone post is a real winner. I can share the post (their or mine) into my blog, without taking away the credit from whomever published the post in the first place, thus giving it more "wings" to fly over the Web. So I am embedding it here below. Comments and plusses on the original post will appear on both +Google+ and here on +Blogger . Isn't it just great?. After the post embedding I will add some info on how to embed the post, given that you have a +Google+ account and a blog. Here is how to embed the post into your blog courtesy of +Mashable 

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