Berlusconi Sinks the Italian Ship

(by pio dal cin) As captain Schettino did with the Costa Concordia cruise ship almost two years ago after it ran adrift just off the Giglio Island, 
Berlusconi asked his ministers to leave the Letta Government opening the umpteenth  crisis of the Italian Republic.

Nothing new. We, as the world is , are used to Italian governments to last just awhile, but there is something new this time around.

Berlusconi has been sentenced last month to seven years in prison and five years of inderdiction from public offices. By the sentence he is supposed to leave the parliament where he sits as a senator of the right wing moderate party  "Partito della Libertà" (freedom party).

The actual govenment has been formed by premier Letta, between the Pd (Democratic Party-left) with the PdL (right wing moderate party), a kind of a "Grosse Coalition" that resembled a lot the German coalition and was not the best "marriage" since day one.

Italy was in dangerous waters, economically speaking, the so called "Greek effect" could have infected the economy, dragging the Country into a disaster.

Left and right got together despite the historical political and cultural differences but everyone knew that the life of the newborn was in the hand of the "Leader Maximo" Silvio Berlusconi.

He stood behind Letta until the highest Italian court confirmed the sentence for him, making it impossible for him to stay in the parliament, although a vote is required by the senators to oust him from the seat he holds there.

Yesterday all of the senators belonging to the Berlusconi's party have announced publicly that they will give up their seat if their leader Berlusconi is ousted from the parliament.

Berlusconi had announced that he felt the sentences against him, were piloted and crafted from the magistrates friends with the left, who tried hard to convict him over the years with almost 50 trials, none of which ended with a conviction.

With no surprise by Berlusconi , he was condemned but soon after he called for unity of the party he himself founded ,and pulled the plug on the actual Letta based government today by asking the ministers of his party to leave the coalition, thus opening the crisis.

The left is accusing him of not respecting the deal they made to substain the Letta's government so that they could lead the "Italian Ship" out of shallow waters, as the Country faced its worsts crisis since the eve of the Republic.

Had Berlusconi resigned he would have had the chance to stay outside the political turmoil surrounding the issue of voting Yes or Not in the parliament to oust him. 

Instead, his pride had him convinced that he could get back on the horse and win again. so hear we go again, probable elections before February and left and right accusing one another not to do the best for the country.

The "pride" disease is very common among members of the italian parliament; leaders are thrown out almost every week, by coming back to their seat as fast as they could, before they lose the various priviledges they love so much, like free lunches, free cars to move around, free body guards, free computer and internet,free travel by plane or train, along with an enormous amount of money they collect every month and their golden retirement checks that amounts in certain cases to 90k Euros a month.

Corruption cases have always been a big issue for the
members of the Italian parliament, still, those who were caught with the hands on the pie are still at large and in very few cases they went to jail just for a short period of time.

What Berlusconi did today was expected somehow, but, if he had decided to resign, before the vote (due by October the 4th), he would have saved his face, but more than anything else the Country, by showing everyone that he is not above the law.

Umplugging from the government it's like saying
"See? Without me you cannot do anything. You try to destroy me in court? I'll cancel you politically".