Veneto, Italy. Do you know this wonderful Region?

(by pio dal cin)Most of the American tourist who visit Italy every year visit cities like Florence Rome and Naples. Some will visit Venice but how many travellers will visit one of the most beautiful Regions in Italy, Veneto?

How many do know all the beauties that span from the Adriatic Beaches to the somptuous Dolomites Mountains? 

The Hills of Conegliano through Valdobbiadene where the great Prosecco wine is produced in 300 million bottles and exported everywhere in the world challanging the French Champagne not only with its great quality but also with its great price? Lake Garda and thermal baths in Abano, the Cansiglio's and Asiago highplains along with the local products, the food and the wines, the cheeses the trattorias, the restaurant often run by the same families for over a century.

Veneto is a place where quality is a way of life
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