Silvio Berlusconi to supporters" I AM INNOCENT"

(by pio dal cin) In a square packed with supporters challanging tropical temperatures reaching 40 degrees celsius, an emotional Silvio Berlusconi delivered a clear message to his fans: "I'm here to stay, rest assured that I won't quit" He said also:" These few past days, after the sentence that found me guilty, have been the worst in my entire life. Now you being here in this square with this scorching heat, moves me and shows me all your love. Thank you!!"

"Magistrates who waged a war against me in the last twenty years have finally reached their goal, to get rid of me politically through a justice's system that I promise you we will change, not for my own good, but for the good of the good people, for the good of Italy and all Italians.... I can say only one thing, and I would like to say it watching each and everyone of you directly in the eyes, even those magistrates who condemned me: I AM INNOCENT