Berlusconi Video Message after the sentence

(by pio dal cin)  
The Italian Supreme Court has confirmed the sentence for Silvio Berlusconi to four years in jail and the ban from public offices . In a VERY emotional video (here below) Berlusconi spoke for about ten minutes about the ordeal he had to endure in these past years with more than 50 legal procedures against him. He says that he feels as a victim of the actual justice's system that can "Take away the freedom of any citizen"
He continued " I have always worked for a better Italy and I gave work to thousands of people, paying billions of Euros in taxes; this is how I am being re paid" He said that 

"My television Network has brought work and freedom to Italian people, now I am falling victim to those judges that have been appointed to power not by the people"

Silvio Berlusconi appeared very emotional and seemed to fight to hold back tears. The sentence that was delivered today can change the political balances in the actual Government's coalition led by left Prime Minister Enrico Letta

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