Users Complain when Google shuts down a product

by pio dal cin. Codognè Let's say that you were a single person and you are walking down at the beach with a wonderful full moon reflecting itself into the small waves. A beautiful lady approaches you and you start a great conversation; you like her she likes you. You develop a great relationship in the months ahead. It feels as if you could not live without her. You are in Love.

Two days later she tells you she is leaving for good. No reasons given. Your heart bleeds, you cry, you miss her.

Later, you decide to walk on another beach, another night and the same thing happens to you again. Another wonderful, even more beautiful lady appears and the story repeats.

That is how I see the approach users of +Google  products should have. If Google decides to shut it down, please do not cry, do not despair and look for another, even better, faster, more complete product coming out ahead.

In this article by +Search Engine Roundtable  I find it ridicolous for people to complain about an old product that is cancelled . Move on dudes this is the fast ever changing Web 2.0, do not fall in love with products, they are just here for a short time.
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