Spain. The drivers' faults, and his nightmares

(by pio dal cin)

He must be the most hated person in Spain today, the driver of the train that derailed just 4 km before coming to the final destination. 

80 people have died because he liked to speed up the train,

It is amazing that in 2013 the destiny of 300  people travelling in one train were in the hands of someone bragging on Facebook about his performances on the train at 200km per hour.

His life won't be the same from now on. The ghosts of the people who died because he did not perform his role, will always  hunt him for the rest of his life. No need for trial, the enormous weight of his sin will haunt him for the rest of his life.

In Italy we have the same fast train system, but such an accident could not have happened because on the fast train tracks there are sensors detecting the train's speed constantly. If the train goes over the determined speed in any part of its journey, the sensors will slow the train down.

Airplanes, trains, do have accident, but this one couyld have been avoided. 

Now because of a scumbag  80 families are mourning the death of their loved ones.

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