Saint John Paul the Second. Imminent proclamation

by pio dal cin  Rumors are mounting of the imminent proclamation of Pope Woitjla as a Saint. I had the great honour and pleasure to meet and photograph Him many times as a young photojournalist I had the privilege of being assigned to cover his three vacations in the nearby Dolomites in the City of Lorenzago di Cadore.
The Pope then said that those mountains reminded Him a lot of the Tantra Mountains back in Poland where He grew up. He would spend His day in long hiking trips that lasted as long as seven eight hours, praying meditating and meeting people.

The name he adopted (John Paul the Second) was chosen after His predecessor Albino Luciani died after only 33 days after He was proclaimed Pope.Albino Luciani was also Patriarch of Venice and before that Bishop of  Vittorio Veneto.

As a young Catholic I was administered confirmation by John Paul the First and I was really excited to meet Him with my whole family when He was in Venice, before He became Pope John Paul the First.
See one of the photos I took of Woitjla Here
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