Royal Baby? On July the 22nd. A girl of course.

The lunar phase depends on the Moon's position...
The lunar phase depends on the Moon's position in orbit around the Earth and the Earth's position in orbit around the sun. This diagram (not to scale) looks down on Earth from north. Both Earth and the Moon's orbit are rotating counter-clockwise. Sunlight (yellow arrows) is coming in from the right. One can see, for example, that the full moon will always rise at sunset and that the waning crescent moon is high overhead around 9:00 am local time. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
by pio dal cin. Codognè. How can I be so sure that Her Majesty the Princess of Cambridge will be born on the 22nd of July? Well I am not sure of course, but if you care to look at This Lunar Phase prospect you may see that the full moon is "due" for such a date.

Here in Veneto, Italy, we have a couple of saying regarding first born babies.

One. "Mamma Bela l'è na Putela" that means "If mom looks more than pretty, it's a Girl". Kate looks beautiful so, It's a GIRL!!!

Two. For the first baby to be born you have to wait for the full moon.

Let's see if my prediction is right.
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