Pope Francis visits Lampedusa,port of entry of immigrants

Location of Pelagie Islands on a map
Location of Pelagie Islands on a map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Pope Francis met with media
Pope Francis met with media (Photo credit: Catholic Church (England and Wales))
Pope Francis met with media
Pope Francis met with media (Photo credit: Catholic Church (England and Wales))
by pio dal cin Codognè.  Pope Francis is celebrating a Mass in Lampedusa an Island that is the Southern foremost point of Italy and Europe. What has brought the Pontiff here on His first visit outside the Vatican, is the fact that it is here where thousands of immigrants from African Countries try to make it as a Safe Heaven, escaping from their Countries of origin, seeking a better life.
Unfortunally about Twenty thousand of them did not make it across the turbulent waters of the Mediterranean and they perished trying to come to a better life.

That is why Pope Francis has decided to come here. He wants to show  Europe, and the World that this is a place where people suffer and die. The European Union has done little or nothing so far despite the call from Italy for help.

Italy alone cannot withstand the great flux of immigrants trying to make landfall here (this is the closest land to African soil).

Modern time slavery and human trafficing have organized to smuggle ten of thousands of immigrants, asking for thousand of dollars to pack them by the hundreds into small boats, usually bought as wrecks and placed into the Sea without any guarantee that they will make it across.

Last May 500 immigrants died in one single accident.

Pope Francis came today, arriving in a very simple car, using a simple Jeep for His trip. First He was taken by the Coast Guard to throw some flowers into the waters where many, too many have perished  and then He met with the lucky ones who are now in the Sicilian Island, and asked the Pontiff for more attention from Europe who has not help this tiny Island of 5000 souls to make it trough the emergency of thousands of people trying to make it here.
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