Pope Francis finger points to Europeans' conscience

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by pio dal cin Codogné  Pope Francis, what a great human being.

 He brought the lights into this tiny island of Lampedusa  that is geographically closer to Africa than Berlin or Bruxelles where the European Union's heads think and act for the best interest of the 28 member States.

His sermon was very calm and firm "In this globalized indifference we have lost the capability of being Passionate With.

  Compassion is the keyword here. "That is what we have really lost as human beings.
 We do not care about what happens to our brothers and sisters who perish by the thousands (the estimate of the migrants who died trying to make it to the "door of Europe" is between 20 and 25 thousand). They put the priviledge of our lives at risk, with their presence and , as the people who passed by before the Good Samaritan stopped to help whom was considered his enemy, we look away from the suffering and people who try to come ashore escaping wars and hars economic situations to provide their families with a better life".

The Pope continued "Who cried for these people? Nobody. We have lost the capability to cry"

His words should touch the hearts of those who are called to take decisions about this "problem" that has been treated like an emergency, but it is not. The flux of immigrants into the Island of Lampedusa is a phenomena that is a daily problem for many years now and the European Community should find a quick solution together.

What if instead of the Italian territory Lampedusa was in  Germany? Would the politicians and statesmen have kept the same approach to a problem that kills innocent people like a war and is making the modern slave smugglers rich on the poor people's heads? I doubt it.

This is just another proof that the 28 States of the European Union act with different speeds and approach to the various problems according to which of the European Member's interests are at stakes. The same with foreign policy. Never the Union has delivered in times of emergency a compact answer to the problem.

The European Union is not United at all. We all know that. Anyone who tells a different story is just trying to fool you.

Today's visit by Pope Francis marks an historical day in which each one of us has to take full charge and responsability for those deaths in the Mediterranean and do whatever is possible to stop the carnage, along with the indifference that makes us numb and careless of other brothers ans sisters' lives and problems.

What I can do is write this post. I will try to do anything I can in the future to do my part, after as suggested by Papa Francesco "Ask God for forgiveness, because we are all responsable"

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