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Bighorn Medicine Wheel
Bighorn Medicine Wheel (Photo credit: bigweasel)
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Medicine Wheel 032 (Photo credit: Daisy Days)
by pio dal cin Codognè

When I found myself  meditating on how my Spiritual life was going to be, about in 1994 when I was retuirning to Florida after spending one year in California, the first book store I stumbled upon was a Barnes& Nobles, near the Ventura shopping Center in North Miami Beach

As  I was looking and picking up books, trying to find out one that would fill the void of my soul in that particular moment of my life where I was re-setting myself geographically, phisically and spiritually, I saw and picked up a book "Dancing with the Wheel"

I didn't know what a Medicine Wheel was at that time, but the book was like a strong magnet to me, so I bought it and started to read it in my new apartment on Arthur street Hollywood Florida.

I had given up television for a long time and I liked to spend my evenings reading. 

By the time I was trough with reading the new book I found myself at peace; balanced and back in charge of my spiritual life. I felt relieved. Soon after I got a good job and started to follow the Native American's way of life as a great way to understand the Universe, the balance between the worlds and the beings. 

I learned about the value of my dreams, my relationship with animals that was already wonderful, became even better. There was a Great Message in the way Native Americans lived and live their relationship with "WankaTanka" The Creator, the Creation.

Their Church was the whole Universe. They call the trees "Standing People" they called the Sun "Father" the Earth "Mother" the Moon

No need for fighting other beliefs, as We are all related as human beings, living in the same Universe on Mother Earth.

I felt compelled to write this story because tonight I ran into This Post by +Native American Encyclopedia  and my thought went back to that very day, in 1994, when I picked up a book that really changed my life.

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