Larry Page would you please update your G+ profile picture

Larry Page
Larry Page (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Larry Page s file
Larry Page s file (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Larry Page laughs with his friend.
Larry Page laughs with his friend. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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(by pio dal cin) +Larry Page  is a fine gentleman we all admire and secretly envy somehow for being the mind behind the creation of +Google ; never mind +Sergey Brin . When thinking of +Google  automatically the name of +Larry Page  comes to mind.

I have no relation with Larry, I do not work for Google. To tell you the whole truth I didn't even know he existed until I joined +Google+  two years ago.

I ran into some of his rare posts in these two years, then one night I saw a video of this guy talking.... It took me about three four minutes to realize tha he was +Larry Page .

Why?  Take a look at This Post on G+. I took a screenshot of him when I realized how different he looks from his +Google+ 's profile photo.
This is Larry at his wedding in Croatia wearing Google Glass. So which is the REAL Larry?

Now my quest is to reach him, perhaps via this post on +Blogger 
to see if I can ask him to please "Change your profile photo Larry" so that we know how you really look like NOW.

Can you help me +Bradley Horowitz  and +Vic Gundotra  to get the message across?

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