Google+ trying to recuperate Hangouts with useless features

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English: Google Logo officially released on May 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
by pio dal cin. Codognè.
Since I joined +Google+  in July 2011 I have enjoyed Hangouts. I don't know how many I did, but the number must be very close to five hundred.

Later I am not enjoying Hangouts anymore. Things have changed lately at +Google+  and the new system for hangouts has complicated things quite a bit, instead of making it easier both for newbies and for "old timers".

I am sure that the people at +Google  have studied the changes accurately, and I am not going into discussing their ability to see forward when changes need to be applied to the platform.

What I am debating here is the fact that Hangouts were so easy and smooth to start, to use. Now they are more comlplicated and adding new features like This one which allows you to place a "beach like" background into the Hangout, is not going to help at all.

End of case. Thanks to +Google for providing us with such a great platform, too many changes have occoured since the starting of +Google+ . Communities have broken the stream into thousands of streams. 

It was a lot better in the beginning (but this is just my humble opinion)
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